Happy Birthday Margery Goldberg



Dear Zenith Friends,
I was born in Rochester NY May 3, 1950. Great parents and a wonderful childhood afforded me opportunities to become me. At the age of four I attended my first dance class and by 10 was taking sculpture classes at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. From that time on I knew I was a sculptor. I never wanted to be, or thought I was a painter.  My parents were extraordinary – they never told me there were things I could not do because I was female. My Dad, otherwise known as Albert, owned a printing and advertising company and taught me about business from an incredibly young age.


My school would not allow girls to take Woodshop! Well I showed them. Rochester continues to be a hot bed of woodworking. I grew up around it. From high school I came to college in Washington at George Washington University as an art major, dance minor, along with Eastern Religion and lots of revolution. It was a fabulous and exciting time to be at GWU. My SHERO then and now is Maida Withers, who is still teaching dance at GWU. 1973 I opened my first woodworking studio in Georgetown, and in 1978 opened Zenith Gallery and Zenith Square at 15th and Rhode Island ave. NW.

We developed a 50,000 square foot artists studio complex. In 1986 we moved the gallery to 7th Street NW where we stayed for the next 24 years. 2009 brought big changes and we moved the gallery to my home in Shepherd Park, DC where we keep Zenith going with salon style exhibitions.

In 2000 (when I turned 50) we started the Zenith Community Arts Foundation. Now after 20 years we are working on accomplishing one of my main goals for the non-profit, building a mobile woodshop to train the next generation of finish and rough carpenters and woodworkers.

Here’s a visual trip down memory lane.
Creatively Yours,
Margery E. Goldberg