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Zenith Gallery Salon



Sculpture Springs Where Waters Part

New in-ground sculpture garden designed from a former swimming pool.


OUT OF THE CHAOS of a Creative Cauldron
of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire,
The Elements Have Separated and the
Waters have (de)Parted and Left in the Wake, A Fusion … A Phoenix,
a Paradisiacal Garden filled with Wonders …..... An Earth-Fire-Metal-morphosis



Fire Painting by Peter Kephart

New work and a demonstration showing his incredibly unique art form


Images l-r: High Gear by Craig Schaffer, Seated Figure by Paul Martin Wolff,
by David Hubbard, Anima by Donna M. McCullough


Show Dates May 19- August 25, 2012
Meet the Artists Reception:  Saturday May 19th 2:00 – 8:00pm


Dr. Chinwe D. John will recite five poems from her upcoming novel,
Tales of Fantasy and Reality, to classical music pieces, 5:00 PM

Peter Kephart Fire Painting Demonstration: 6:30 pm

At the Zenith Gallery Salon  1429 Iris St., NW Washington, DC 20012



Images, l-r: Pete Kephart giving a fire painting demonstration, Somewhere Else, by Kephart



images clockwise: The Sun Never Sets, 6.5 x 8 x 3 foot, plasma cut steel carriage by Kyle James Dunn,
For Giving
by Pattie Porter Firestone, Propane Bench by Colin Selig


WASHINGTON, DC – May 8, 2012 – The Zenith Gallery Salon has become a wonderland of art and imagination, and will open a fabulous new in-ground sculpture garden May 19th.  Created from 100% recycled materials, the garden resides in a space formerly occupied by a swimming pool. The new garden will feature sculpture and sculptured furniture by well-known Zenith Artists, as well as, artists exhibiting with Zenith for the first time. Stop by for the show, as Spring is the perfect time to wander through the newly designed sculpture garden. New works by Peter Kephart will adorn the Zenith Gallery Salon.     


Artists featured in the exhibition:

 David Hubbard, Peter Kephart, Vince Magni, Donna M. McCullough,
Paul Martin Wolff, Craig Schaffer and others.

Introducing new to Zenith: Kyle James Dunn, Pattie Porter Firestone and Colin Selig.

David Hubbard, an award-winning sculptor, has exhibited in the Washington area at the National Building Museum, the National Museum of American Art, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, just to name a few. Hubbard creates torch cut aluminum and steel sculptured furniture, indoor and outdoor sculptures and mobiles that range in scale from monumental to small. 

Donna McCullough’s inspiration arose from “Contemplating the dichotomy between the perception of women as fragile, delicate creatures, and the reality that most women are defined by resiliency and steely resolve.” Crafted of steel and embellished with flourishes of wire mesh, screening, cut-outs and bits of found objects, the dresses are at once both elegant and imposing. She has shown in Europe and is a contributing member of the Arts in Embassy Program.

Craig Schaffer creates dynamic steel sculpture inspired by nature and science. Schaffer’s latest series is based on fractal forms, shapes repeating at different scales, created by the ongoing processes of life, such as the branching of plants to catch the sun.

Paul Martin Wolff took up sculpting at the Corcoran School of Art at age 58, and has continued to develop his craft, moving from bronze to translucent materials such as glass and acrylic. Wolff sculpts in soapstone, working by subtraction rather than addition. His works are entirely abstract with no themes, representation or allusion. For Wolff creating art is a deeply contemplative and spiritual experience. A successful attorney with Williams & Connolly, Wolff’s work is in private collections in addition to the collections of the Harvard law School; Morgan Lewis; White and Case; Baach, Robinson and Lewis; DLA Piper Rudnick; and Williams and Connolly.

2012 MICA Graduate, Kyle James Dunn plasma cuts steel with excessive and elaborate detail, creating the illusion of delicacy and fine filigree. His fantastic sculptures are painted in soft pastel colors putting further emphasis on a dichotomy of medium and aesthetic. 

Colin Selig, winner of the 2012 Smithsonian Craft Show Exhibitor’s Choice Gold award, and showing with Zenith for the first time, this California artist creates benches and chairs from torch cut recycled propane tanks, demonstrating his commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

Pattie Porter Firestone uses metal wood and stone as her vocabulary in a language about forces of energy for both indoor and outdoor sculpture.  She is new to Zenith, but not to Washington, her work was recently shown at the Katzen Art Center.

The event will be highlighted with a Fire Painting Demonstration by Peter Kephart. Kephart has fascinated audiences and collector’s worldwide with his unusual technique using gunpowder, water, paint and fire to create serenely beautiful and other-worldly landscapes. Much as the mythical Phoenix is re-born from ash, Kephart’s paintings also manifest in splendor from ashes. Showing solo in Beijing this summer Peter Kephart will be featured next month in Artnews. The Zenith Gallery will have new works by Peter on display in the Gallery Salon.




The Zenith Gallery Salon is always filled with art by our numerous

Zenith Gallery Artists. Come have a mind opening artistic experience!


Where:      Zenith Gallery Salon, 1429 Iris Street NW, Washington DC 20012         

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