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Is Seeing Believing?

By Joan Konkel


 October 6 - November 2, 2007



"Simmering Salsa" acrylic and mixed media on canvas by Joan Konkel

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Meet the Artist

Saturday, October 6, 5 pm - 8 pm


Gallery Talk:  Sunday, October 7 at 2 pm

Joan Konkel transforms commonplace materials into intriguing works of art that play tricks on the eye with color and space, based on the angle you view them.  Layering aluminum sheet metal, acrylic and mesh on canvas, Konkel works from a sculptor’s point of view, creating low-and sunken- relief art that is abstract and architectural.  As light dances among the materials, her work takes on luminosity and illusions of deeper space. 


Konkel has exhibited her art at Zenith Gallery numerous times, but this will be her first solo show at the gallery.  She received an NEA grant for her work incorporating metal into garments, and has exhibited her works at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, through the State Department’s ART in Embassies program, and in galleries in the Washington area, Philadelphia and New York.  Konkel’s works are held in private and corporate collections in the south, mid-Atlantic and mid-west regions.


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