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Crisis Mode - Endangered Earth, Group show

Museum Studies II: Honoring the Female Perspective, New Paintings by Bradley Stevens

Women who Work, Care, and Create-
Group Exhibition

Love in All Mediums - Group Exhibition

African American Civil War Memorial & Museum



Great Moments III - Stephen Hansen


Journeys, Memories & Dreams for the Future
Elissa Farrow-Savos & Suzy Scarborough

What's Real to You? Davis Morton, Ron Schwerin and Gavin Sewell

40th Anniversary: In the Beginning-The Rhode Island Years

Light Up Your Heart! Neon Show

Gifts from the heART - That inspire for Life


Balanced, by Richard Binder     Carmen, by Joan Konkel


2016 Exhibits
Arabesque, by Len Harris     Agate 1, by Carol Schepps
Wine and Crabs, by Cassandra Gillens    Reach, by Christopher Malone
Bulol #2, by Hadrian Mendoza     President Obama, by Lenny Campello
Great Moments in Art, Works by Stephen Hansen
 Ken Girardini                                    Elissa Farrow-Savos                                      Tatyana Schremko
American Hero: Babe Ruth, WWII by Erwin Thamm & Patrick Sargent     Power by Donna McCullugh
                Hatepuna Goddess of the Sea, by Joan Konkel    

Seeking Sargent by Bradley Stevens


Caribbean Woman, by Leslie Prentis
Zephyr and Ground Zero, by Katie Dell Kaufman
President Obama by Brad Stevens & 14th Street, NW by Gavin Glakas


Firepaintings by Peter Kephart
Metal Sculpture by Robert T. Cole


Sculpture, Furniture & Wall Reliefs by Robert Cole

Sculpture Springs Where Waters Part    
Group Show AND New Sculpture Garden

Glass sculpture by Harmon Biddle and oil painting by Lou Kaplan
Paintings from The Freedom Place Collection , L-R, "Lady Day" by Richard Yarde, "Snoopy Sees a Daybreak on Earth" by Alma Thomas and "Eve and the Serpent" by Robert Freeman



Dramatic Dining by Robert C. Jackson

Pearl Mist
by Anne Marchand
2009 Exhibits



Vinyard Soirče, University of New England
A Solo Show of Paintings by Robert Freeman


"Baskets & Quilts" by Cassandra Gillens

"Bridge Builders" by Robert C. Jackson

The Message is the Medium
Paul Martin Wolff & jodi

Contours & Concourses
Renee duRocher & Mary Ann Prack

Zenith Artists Debut

2007 Exhibits


"Gunnedoo" by Joan Konkel

"Cafe Chic" by Donna M. McCullough

2006 Exhibits

"Spartina" by Ellen Sinel


"Almost Paradise" by Christine Hayman

"Nestor" by David Richardson

At 901 E Street NW,
Millennium Art Center Artists

Spirits of Xi'an, Mixed Medium Collages by Renee duRocher

Altered States
, Oil Paintings by Drew Ernst

Inanimate Adventures, by
Robert C. Jackson

Food Glorious Food II - Just Deserts,
Zenith Community Arts Foundation Annual Event

901 E Street, Joyce Barker Schwartz &
Rita Siemienski Smith

Lightness of Being,
Oil Paintings by Gloria Cesal

A Myriad of Grasses, Oil Paintings by Ellen Sinel

A Life Long Reverence for Wood

Exotic Wood Sculpture by Margery E. Goldberg

Sizzling Summer Sampler

Patrick Cochran - Leslie Exton - Christine Hayman - Joan Konkel

At 901 E Street, David Hubbard & Jodi

Our Town,
A Selection of East Coast Artists

Zenith Gallery Welcomes Portraiture Back to 7th Street, Featuring Washington Area Artist Bradley Stevens

Ellipsis, Anne Marchand & Alan Binstock

Mary Anne Prack  & Renee duRocher

Joan Konkel

28th Anniversary Exhibition

Women Sculptors of the Washington Metropolitan Area

Trojan War Series,
Abstract Paintings by Major David Richardson

2005 Exhibits

"Partnership" by Stephen Hansen

Re-vision: Neon Invitational 2005

2004 Exhibits

"A Show of Hands" by Robert C. Jackson

"Eight, Corner Pocket" by Davis Morton

Musings, by Robert Jackson

This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land, Paintings by Bradley Stevens &
Photography by David Glick

Zenith Style: Art & Craft for Home & Office
Featuring Vignettes by Various Zenith Artists

Wayne Trapp: An Introspective
A Collection of Abtract Paintings

Ready To Wear?, A Multi-Media Exhibition Featuring Clothing as Art

Isolation & Intimacy,An Introductory Group Show with Michael Madzo, Stephen Maffin, & Cassie Taggart

Games, New work by Zenith legend, Sica

Forged and Fabricated
Joan Konkel & Patrick Cochran

Six Artists: Six Works, Gloria Cesal,
C.M. Dupre, Nat Krate, Ann Marchand,
Davis Morton, and Brad Stevens

2003 Exhibits

Spirits of Xi'an by Renee duRocher

The Playground Series by Anne Marchand

Spirits of Xi'an, by Renee duRocher

The Playground Series, Anne Marchand

Harmony's Realm of Light & Vicious Circles and Infinity, Lucartha Kohler

The Dog Days of Summer (and Cats Too),
2nd Annual Juried Show

Zenith Years 1990-2003,
25th Anniversary Group Show

We Who Laugh Last, Stephen Hansen

Taking It To The Streets, Kim Christiansen

Near & Far, Bradley Stevens

A Thousand Plateaux, CMDupre

The Ides of March, John Aaron

The Formative Years,
Zenith Gallery's First 12 Years

Craig Kraft A 10-Year Retrospective

Here We Glow Again - Still Glowing After All These Years, Annual Neon Show

Contrasting Views of Nature,
CM Dupre
, David Glick, Barbara Kerne,
Davis Morton, Ellen Sinel, Bradley Stevens

 2002 Exhibits

"Girl" by Gloria Cesal

Gloria Cesal
3rd in the 'Zenith Legend Series'

Out of Context, David Morgan & Raymond Wiger

Parts of a World, Sica

Evolution, Anne Marchand

Dog Days of Summer, Juried Show

New Artists: New Space,
John Aaron, Mathew Harwood,
Nat Krate, Margo Nimiroski, and Tim Tate

Scapes - Sea and Solitude, Ellen Sinel

Heartfelt, Group Show



by Stephen Hansen

Star Spangled Humor, Stephen Hanson

Revelations, John Aaron, Julie, Joanne Williams, and more

Our Dreams are Our Real Lives, Marcia Marx

Let's Dance, Robert Freeman

Realities? Robert Jackson

Remembering My Magical Muses
Renee duRocher

Lifting Life's Spirit,  Zachary Oxman

Glow Art, multiple artists

Windows, Doorways & Entrances with Attitude,
3-D Constructions by Guenther Riess

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