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Stuart M. Bloch
Founder of Congressional Bank & JC Associates

“I've been a customer and friend of the Zenith Gallery and Margery Goldberg for 40 years. I was originally Margery's landlord in the Zenith square artists studio complex on Rhode Island Ave., Northwest between 14th and 15th St. This was the anchor for the entire art district, which is now flourishing today. My partner, Bill Ingersoll and myself have bought over 250 pieces from Margery over the years. There's not a single piece of art that I would want to give up today or separate from my life. She has contributed so much to the city that you don't know where to begin in addressing her accomplishments. Margery is continuing to be a force for emerging and established contemporary artists in the District of Columbia. She is a force of nature and we all love her.”


Robert W. Truland
The Truland Group

“Over the years Margery Goldberg’s extraordinary artistic eye has transformed the walls and foyers of my corporate offices in Arlington and Reston, the lobbies of the Park Potomac complex, and even my own home. Her uncanny ability to reach beyond convention means our walls regularly inspire conversation, but it also means clients, visitors, and my own teams are challenged on a daily basis to see the world in a fresh and daringly textured way.

Anyone can hang a gallery canvas on a wall; Margery Goldberg handpicks artwork that makes us believe the space was created for it.”


Linda Maslow
Maslow Media

“I moved here in 78, formerly from NY, and California. Zenith was the ONLY gallery in town that gave me hope for DC! Its colorful owner, Margery Goldberg was as decorated and wonderful as a hostess could be. She wore her art, she showed her art, and she created her own pieces with aplomb not to mention creativity in every one of her shows. Her gallery shows taste that varies from the classic, to the über unconventional and all unusual works of art. Always full of surprises, fun collectors coming together and one of a kind art, Margie and Zenith will always be my 'touch of NY in DC! Every corner of my house, interior and exterior, boasts something I bought from

Zenith over the years, thank you Margery for being here!!”


Laine Shakerdge
Whitestone Property Group 

“I have commissioned Margery Goldberg and Zenith Gallery to enhance several large commercial properties with unique public art installations. She found the perfect artists for my projects, and supervised the progress and installations, so all were delivered on time and well within budget. Both works of art transformed the properties, created buzz, and got excellent press in local newspapers and blogs. I’d work with her again with total confidence.”


F. Lennox Campello
Artist / Curator
Potomac, Maryland

Zenith is a Washington, D.C. landmark! It is not only one of the oldest independently owned commercial fine arts galleries in the region, boasting some of the best known and more established regional artists, but also one of the most eclectic! The owner, Margery Goldberg, herself quite a talented and respected artist, is a powerhouse of energy and resourcefulness! Visiting Zenith, which hosts openings, lectures, artists' talks, etc. on a regular basis, not only affords an opportunity to see their current show, but also you'll get a chance to explore the work of many other artists, as the gallery keeps an ample inventory. My highest possible recommendation!

Kerry LR Bedard
Washington, D.C.

This amazing Gallery has been serving up classic to unusual art and sculpture for more than 30 years.  I have watched the growth of some DC artists from their initial presentations to the public at Zenith to their place now in the nations White House collection.  

There is always something spectacular to find in the myriad of forms and styles presented by the owner and curator Margery Goldberg.  It's a great place to find gifts or explore beautiful objects, paintings & sculpture of which one will never tire. 

Arrive prepared to be awestruck.




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Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12:00 - 6:00 pm, Or by appointment 
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Hours: Monday - Friday 8 am - 7 pm, Saturdays 8 am - 4 pm
(On Saturday Enter on 12th St. NW DC 20004; Knock and a guard will let you in.)
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