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Culture Cluster - Celebrating Our 37th Anniversary

At 1429 Iris St., NW, Washington, DC 20012-1409
 Gallery Hours: Friday and Saturday 12-6 pm,
any other times please call for an appointment

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Show Dates: February 6 – March 28, 2015

Artists:  Julie Girardini, Ken Girardini, David Glick, Margery Goldberg, Stephen Hansen, Robert Freeman, Peter Kephart, Joan Konkel, Chris Malone, Bill Mead, Donna McCullough, Davis Morton, Carol Newmyer, Tom Noll, Emily Piccirillo, Gavin Sewell, Ellen Sinel, Bradley Stevens, Jennifer Wagner, Paul Martin Wolff, Joyce Zipperer & many more!
Artists New to Zenith Gallery
: Tony Henson, Hadrian Mendoza, and Warren Muller. 


Women of Zenith Who Have Reached the Zenith!

In Celebration of the 37th Anniversary of Zenith Gallery
At 1111 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20004  MAP
Open: Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm (Weekends and evenings enter on 12th Street, NW. Knock and the guard will let you in 24/7)

Show Dates: January 14, 2015 - April 26, 2015

Artists: Anne Bouie, Renee DuRocher, Margery E. Goldberg, Joan Konkel, Donna McCullough, Carol Newmyer, Lynda Smith-Bugge, Cassie Taggart, and Joyce Zipperer  


at 818 Connecticut Ave, NW 20006  

Open Daily    MAP
Please Call 202-783-2963 for information
Artists: Ken Girardini, Philip Hazard, Joan Konkel, Jill Mackie, 
Leslie Prentis, Rina Rotholz, 
Karen Starika, Ken Wyner, and Anne Youkele


D Street Windows
On D Street between 7th & 9th Streets, NW, Washington DC 20004
Please Call 202-783-2963 for information
Artists: Karen Starika and Michael Young   VIEW EXHIBIT



Zenith Gallery, in Collaboration with Ouvert Gallery
Ouvert Gallery is Owned and Directed by Jennifer Wagner

At 207 Talbot Street, St. Michaels, Maryland 21663   MAP
Phone 443- 521-4084




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Culture Cluster -
Zenith's 37th Anniversary Exhibition

Tony Henson's "Awakening"
(Tony Henson/Courtesy Zenith Gallery)

By Mark Jenkins March 22

Zenith Gallery’s 37th-anniversary show “Culture Cluster” features no fewer than
95 artists, including three who are new to the stable: painter Tony Henson, ceramicist Hadrian Mendoza and sculptor Warren Muller. Henson’s abstract-expressionist abstractions are vibrant and dynamic, with colors and gestures that evoke fire. Mendoza, who came to Washington from the Philippines, makes vases with elegant contours if unlikely shapes, such as a seeming stack of three off-kilter boxes, rendered in one clay form. His “Carabao” is a deconstructed water buffalo, its parts also arranged in a sort of pile.


In the galleries: Using heat to create several kinds of artworks

Artist Peter Kephart’s watercolor “Thermal Breakdown.” His technique involves scorching watercolor paper, creating jagged edges or voids. (Peter Kephart/Zenith Gallery )

By Mark Jenkins January 9
Peter Kephart has a singular technique, yet it yields several kinds of artworks. The West Virginia artist begins by roasting moistened cotton-rag paper over hot embers; he sometimes likes the results so much that he stops there. “Setting the World on Fire, One Painting at a Time,” at Zenith Gallery, includes several small works from the “Dominican Sunset” series that are merely charred. In other pieces, Kephart uses the scorched surface as the basis for elaborate paintings — often landscapes but occasionally abstractions.
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by Nicole Dubowitz
ZENITH GALLERY: Established in 1978, Zenith is known for its eclectic collection of paintings, sculpture, neon, photographs, tapestries and 3-D mixed-media pieces. Sometimes home decor and jewelry is exhibited, too. Renown owner and arts commissioner Margery Goldberg seeks out "exceptional artists at varying stages of their careers," many of whom "are now well-known and established, while others are young bright lights on the horizon." In December, Zenith presents the work of "Firepainter" Peter Kepart, known for painting with fire. Mark your calendar for Saturday, December 13th, when there will be an on-site demonstration (fire-friendly weather permitting).Zenith Gallery is located at 1429 Iris Street NW.


by D. Kevin McNair

You can tell a lot about a person based on the trinkets, trappings and furniture that they choose for their home. But one homeowner in Northwest decided to do something unique, combining conventional design with an eclectic array of fine art adorning every nook and cranny in order to transform her abode into a veritable gallery.

"Converting my home into an art gallery was actually based on the established tradition of patronism that became popular in places like Europe where artists and potential benefactors shared encounters in a person’s home in efforts to nurture the artist," said Margery Goldberg who opened her Zenith Gallery in 1978. "We look for exceptional artists at different stages of their careers and feature their work — some have been with us for 30 years and are well-known but others have just arrived on the scene," said Goldberg, 64, a successful sculptor in her own right.















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